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Better tracking of containers

Date 22 April 2020

Nextlogic is developing an integral planning for the handling of container barges in the port of Rotterdam. Van Berkel Logistics is part of the core team of Nextlogic and is closely involved in the recently started shadowing of the integrated planning.

During the shadow runs, we look at how the integral planning is created on the basis of – as far as possible – actually planned ship visits and quay capacity in the port of Rotterdam. This provides insight into the proper functioning of Nextlogic and offers participants a unique opportunity to see how the integral planning works in practice for their own planning. The ultimate goal is for Nextlogic to provide a reliable planning, so Van Berkel Logistics can tell its customers even better when their container is expected at one of our inland terminals or will be delivered to the deep sea terminal.

Why an integral planning?

Every year, approximately 2,500,000 containers are transported by inland navigation. This makes inland shipping one of the driving forces behind the success of the container port of Rotterdam. For all parties involved, good planning is crucial.

Planners have intensive contact when handling container barges. At the moment, they only have an overview of their own plan and the available capacity. This often results in an unsatisfactory match between supply and demand. Nextlogic changes this by offering an integrated planning for the handling of container barges at terminals, barge operators and empty depots.

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